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Tales from Esador #1 – a fantasy one-off worldbuilding type thing

6 Jun

My latest Hunt draft is with beta readers right now, so I’m starting to crank up plotting and planning my next project. It’s another new experience for me – a secondary world fantasy that has been clamouring for me to write it for the last three months. I’m trying very hard to be disciplined and actually plot it all out properly before writing. Hoping this will be the last phase in my transition from Pantser to Plotter!

Anyway, to satisfy my itch to write it but without breaking my plotting promise, I decided to write a few scenes from the backstory in order to consolidate worldbuilding and character. It’s been brilliant so far – has helped me realise a lot about some of the secondary characters. I would recommend it!

The scene below takes place 25 years before the main story, in a city called Esador, where two castes co-exist uneasily: the ruling Pale and the oppressed People. Irida meets Amaris at the riverside:

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A Valentine’s Day Treat

14 Feb

Hello, lovely readers! It’s the day of lurve, lust and, most importantly, lots of chocolate. Whether you are (to borrow a phrase from one of my students, now turned minor TV star) a ‘single pringle’ or in the throes of a passionate affair, I hope you have a lovely Friday.


To keep things sweet, over on Twitter I posted a few of my favourite kisses from all my manuscripts from the last five years! As a special treat, here’s a longer kissing scene from my current WIP, The Hunt. Our hero, Robbie, is pretending to be a posh boy so he can catch a killer. He catches the eye of Annouchka, most popular girl at school. At a party, after an awkward encounter with her ex (Max), they share their first kiss. But does Annouchka have an ulterior motive?

Annouchka smiles impishly. “Max is a winner.” She leans in so her breath tickles my ear as she talks. “I want you upstairs, now.”

Oh my God. I take a big gulp of beer and follow her up the gilded staircase and into her bedroom.

It’s pink and cream and covered in flowers. Very girly. She points to the bed. “Sit down!”

I perch on the edge, My heart’s thudding so hard I think it might leap out of my chest. She pushes the door closed and walks over. Jesus. I am gonna get so lucky right now.

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Teaser Tuesday ~ WIP

12 Feb

It’s weird to have a website/blog about my writing when you haven’t even read any of it yet, hmm?

Here’s a little snippet from the opening of my current Work In Progress. It’s a contemporary thriller in first person present, with a male protag – completely new territory for me! *wibble*. It’s also pretty rough around the edges at the moment. But I like the style so far and I love writing this bad boy main character!


In the heart of the chase, I am alive.

I’m just a few metres ahead of the cop. His breath rasps. Old man will get tired soon; I can keep running all afternoon.

I smile to myself. You’re dealing with Boy Wonder now, I think.

I glance round for Nat, but she’s already out of sight. Good girl. I need to keep his attention now, in case he wonders where the other one’s gone, so I weave between two cars and into the road, then cross to the other side. He follows, of course, red-faced but determined.

The soles of my feet kiss the pavement again and again. My lungs burn. My rucksack, holding the stash of games I swiped from the shop, slams into the base of my spine with every step I take – but I’m alight with the thrill of it all. The entrance to the Meade Estate – my home – is just round the corner. If I can get a bit more of a lead on him, I might make it in there – and he’s unlikely to follow me in alone, not with Meade’s reputation. By the time he gets back-up, I’ll be well hidden.

I put on a burst of speed and vault over a ramshackle fence into the garden at the end of the street to make a diagonal route across. I have to dodge a rusting shopping trolley and a grungy mattress lying in the middle of the lawn. South London life. Real.

Copper takes the long route, so I’m round the corner way before him. The stark blocks of the estate rise before me, finally. I skid into the main driveway. The kids are sitting out on the scabby, patchy ‘green’, probably skinning up ‘cause they just got home from school. I feel their eyes on me as I zoom past. Then, so I can take stock of the situation, I make a sharp right and take the steps up to the first level of Nat’s building.

From there I can see the entrance. As predicted, cop’s leaning on his knees, wondering if he should dare to come in unaccompanied. He lifts the radio at his shoulder and mouths something into it. I don’t think he’s gonna come after me. Haha! Boy Wonder wins again. I take a second to bask in my victory, but I know I’ve gotta get moving again before a panda car rocks up and spoils my fun.

I slide down the railing of the stairs and jog off towards the estate’s back exit. I’ll meet Nat in the corner of the park, like always. Then we can divide up the swag. I’ve got my eye on one of those sweet shoot-em-ups, the latest edition. Since I left school last year, those babies have been almost my sole occupation. That, and getting my hands on more.

I’m so caught up in my own thoughts I don’t see what’s coming towards me from my left-hand side…