Catherine Queen was a secondary school English teacher by day and a writer by night. She continues to work in education but outside the classroom. She grew up in the wilds of Penge, South-East London and spent most of her formative years reading everything and anything, including cereal boxes. After a degree in Classics at Oxford University, she spent a year teaching at a primary school in Attica, Greece, where she developed a severe case of Hellenophilia – and finally had the courage to put her overactive imagination to work by writing her first novel. Several manuscripts later, she’s still at it.

She loves T.V. (from trashy to classy), especially anything with kickass heroines, killer robots or Don Draper, film, theatre, late nights on the Sims 3, immersive fiction, crisp afternoons on the South Bank, pyjama days, Lindor, 3000-year-old epic poetry, Greek dancing (esp. sfarli, pentozali and zonoradiko) and eating gyros in the shadow of the Acropolis.

She dislikes chicken bones on the top deck of the bus, smokers, spitters and ministers for education.

To get in touch, please email catherinequeenwrites@gmail.com.


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