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At the Threshold

31 Dec

Tonight we say farewell, 2013…and hello 2014. It’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it?

The Good

I write this sitting next to my boyfriend of 7 1/2 years as he plays Pokemon emulator on his macbook. In August we finally took the plunge and got a place together. It’s small but pretty much ideal. I am incredibly lucky to have his support in everything I do. It has been a time of transition for both of us because he has just finished his PhD (yes, he’s very brainy) and is gradually moving into the world of work…

The Bad

As of midnight tonight I will no longer be an employee of my former school, and on January 6th I start at my new one. You will probably have gathered that work has been a big black cloud for me this year, mostly because of certain outside forces determined to crush the soul out of the education system. Yes, it’s been a dark time. But there is light at the end of the tunnel – as they say.

The Future

So, a new job, and a new vision. My new year’s resolution for as long as I can remember has been to write more – but this time I feel hopeful that I will make it happen. 




2013 in Reading

22 Dec

Equalling last year’s score of 38 even though I’ve been slacking this month..I have really enjoyed almost everything I’ve read, with the exception of a few eye-rollers, but absolute favourite reads are in bold:

1. The Twelve by Justin Cronin

2. Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz (gay mermen ahoy)

3. The Last Dance by Victoria Hislop

4. Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner (short but ultra-dark and fascinating)

5. Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens (typical Chas…long winded but ultimately good yarn)

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Undiscovered Voices Longlist

14 Dec

I had almost forgotten that I’d entered the SCBWI’s Undiscovered Voices contest earlier in the year, so it was a lovely surprise to find out I’d been longlisted (under my real name – they have a no pen-names policy). The longlist comprises 27 authors and 8 illustrators chosen from over 200 entries, chosen by a rather illustrious set of judges, which you can see on the UV website linked above. If I get through to the final, my extract will be published in the annual anthology.

This just confirms to me that The Twain‘s opening kicks ass and I can’t give up on my darling WIP of Doom ™ just yet. Five more days of my current job and then I officially Change My Life – honestly cannot wait!