Breakin’ Up is So Very Hard to Do!

21 Jul

Saving this post from my old blog because I really like it! Still not over most of these shows tbh 😦

Couch Pumpkin: Sofa Adventures


Another month, another unfortunate break-up. It’s always me doing the dumping – ‘it’s not me, it’s you’ – but of course I have to wonder if it is me.

Am I just growing out of all my shows?

But then I remember the telly addict’s conundrum. Faced with a fabulous new show, we are caught between the devil (i.e. an axe happy executive) and the deep blue sea (from which a toothsome shark which surely emerge during the bloated 3rd/4th season). It is the latter which I am struggling with at the moment. When shows limp on longer than they should, the show-runner tends to panic. How to keep things fresh? Those damn nerds have figured out all my plotlines! Quick! Throw a pigeon in there or something! Or a rape storyline! People want WHO to be a couple? Pfft, delete all their scenes together. That character is so…

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