Overcoming Hurdles

5 Aug

It’s that wonderful time of year known as The Summer Holiday (aka the only benefit of teaching aka what will make me quit if our Lord and Master takes it away). I’ve taken some time to work on writing projects, which has been wonderful. First up: another round of edits on The Twain, my YWP manuscript. Hot Key were kind enough to send me some very useful editorial notes following the competition and I’ve just finished adding their suggestions to the book.

This hasn’t been the easiest process, I’ll honest. In fact, when I looked at their three main recommendations, I was stumped.

At first I was like...

At first I was like…

Some of it had been said before by my betas but I still wasn’t any wiser as to how to develop it.

The following strategies have helped me:

  • taking some time away from the novel and working on other things
  • on the flip side, making sure I had dedicated time set aside this holiday, especially mental space
  • reading and watching things to inspire me – e.g. I have really been enjoying ‘Vikings’ this week because it has lots of great action scenes – but it’s not at all close in setting/genre so my own ideas still have room to breathe. I’ve also been loving the chase scenes in Les Miserables. Inspiration is everywhere!
  • taking advantage of the nice weather (when we’ve had it!) and walking. Seriously, walks are amazing. I solved so many plot problems in about 30 minutes around Clapham Common!
  • thinking about the new scenes when I’ve just woken up and it’s easy to daydream about them

These are just a few of the ways I’ve been working this week and I have to say, although it’s been frustrating to hit blocks, I’ve really enjoyed living the life of a full-time writer (and part-time procrastinator 😉 ) this week. And, of course, having a better manuscript to show for it is pretty good too!

...and then I was like...(Lagertha, my brand new fave)

…and then I was like…(Lagertha, my brand new fave, c/o jojen-reeed on tumblr )

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